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USDA/DOJ Workshops on Competition and Concentration Begin Today

Just Foods Program Director Michael Sligh is in Ankeny, Iowa, today for the first in a series of joint hearings held by the USDA and Justice Department to investigate issues of competition and concentrated ownership in agriculture. Today’s workshop will introduce the series and will focus on issues affecting crop farmers, including “seed technology, vertical […]

Creating an Environment Where Farmers Thrive

This week, I find myself at the Drake Forum on America’s New Farmers. This great conversation is drawing people from across the US, as well as members of the current administration to engage in this conversation about how we can bring new farmers to the land. It is inspiring to hear Tom Vilsak, the USDA Agriculture Secretary, speak directly to the issues that many of us have worked on our whole careers.

National Organic Action Plan (NOAP): From the Margins to the Mainstream: Advancing Organic Agriculture in the US

Published in January 2010, the National Organic Action Plan (NOAP) represents the culmination of five years of meetings that engaged diverse stakeholders in envisioning the future of organic agriculture and in building strategies for realizing our collective vision.  NOAP was co-produced by RAFI’s Just Foods Program and the National Organic Coalition. The guiding document articulates […]