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Documenting Disaster Losses

A farmer’s ability to receive assistance for disaster losses depends in large part on his or her ability to demonstrate the extent of those losses. This guide helps farmers understand how to document the impact of disasters on their farms and apply for assistance.

Senate Agriculture Committee Celebrates 20 Years of Organic Law

On September 15, the US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry held a hearing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Organic Food Production Act. RAFI’s Michael Sligh testified at this week’s hearing about the past and the future of organic agriculture in the United States.

A Great Day for North Carolina Farmers

In suits and slacks and big smiles, last Monday TCRF field coordinators joined Executive Director Linda Shaw and Program Director Joe Schroeder for a trip to Raleigh. We were honored guests at the Family Farm Innovation Fund Award Ceremony, where RAFI’s Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund was awarded an additional $730,000, half of which came in the form of a matching grant from the Tobacco Trust Fund.

Gas Leases & North Carolina Landowners

Farmers and rural landowners in this area of North Carolina are being approached to sell rights to companies that want to tap the natural gas deposits that may lie in the shale below their land. If you are approached about leasing the mineral rights to your land, consult with a lawyer before signing the contract.

Secretary Vilsack and Attorney General Holder Hear Growers’ Concerns

Friday, May 21, 2010 in Huntsville, Alabama, the United States Justice Department and the United States Department of Agriculture held a hearing on competition and concentration of ownership in the poultry industry. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack moderated the morning panel, and Attorney General Eric Holder spoke as well.

Growers Explain Injustices in Poultry Industry

Tomorrow, in Huntsville, AL, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice will hold their second hearing on concentration and competition in agriculture. The topic, this time around, is issues in the poultry industry. This afternoon, at a press conference sponsored by the Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform, poultry growers explained the […]

Wilson County Farmers’ Market Big Check Presentation

Wilson Farmers’ Market received a grant from RAFI-USA to promote and advertise the market. The funding will be used for promotional tools such as radio announcements, newspaper and billboard advertisements. In addition the market has printed canvas bags with the Wilson Farmers’ Market logo to hand to customers as they purchase their merchandise.

Sandhills Farms to Table Cooperative site visit: May 5, 2010

Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund, in the field… Sandhills Farms to Table Cooperative site visit: May 5, 2010 The Sandhills Farms to Table Cooperative located in Moore County is one of the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund’s selected 2010 grants projects in the Central Region. Their operation is impressive by stature and merit, as this cooperative is […]

Carrboro Farmers’ Market big check presentation

Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund, in the field… This picture was taken May 1st, 2010, during a big check presentation from RAFI-USA and the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. This check of $17,821.00 to the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, in Carrboro, NC, is a community grant offered by the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund grant program for […]