Agricultural Justice Project


RAFI is a co-founder and project partner of the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP). Additional project include Comité de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agrícolas/Farmworker Support Committee, Northeast Organic Farming Association, and Florida Organic Grower and Consumers, all leaders in the fields of sustainable agriculture policy, workers’ rights, community-based food systems, and organic certification. Each of the non-profit organizations in this unique partnership is grounded in decades of grassroots change-making and community-organizing.

We seek empowerment, justice and fairness for all who labor from farm to retail. Central to our mission are the principles that all humans deserve respect, the freedom to live with dignity and nurture community, and share responsibility for preserving the earth’s resources for future generations.

AJP’s Food Justice Certified label launched with RAFI’s support in 2011. The label sets rigorous standards for the respectful treatment of farmworkers, living wages, safe working conditions and collective bargaining rights. With this label, consumers can trust that their food came from a just source. Food businesses of any type and size can become Food Justice Certified, from restaurants to retailers to processors. 

Hungry for Justice Campaign

Brought to you by Little Bean Productions in partnership with Florida Organic Growers and the Agricultural Justice Project. Watch AJP’s documentary and find out how you can host your own screening.

Hungry for Justice: Spotlight on the South from Little Bean Productions on Vimeo.

Learn more at: agriculturaljusticeproject.org

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